Try A Little Tenderness

With the Holidays behind us, we now have time to “re-group” more or less and give ourselves a “break” from all the noise around us. Hoping this will help all of you out there reeling from a recent and painful loss, and those not quite able to find peace in being alone. Please feel free to comment on this post from almost 6 years ago..Grieve is a journey..Baby steps…

We who have suffered a loss do get weary, the grief makes us weary and with all the turmoil going on in the world, sometimes it is more than we can bear.  With the holidays here it brings memories of happier times and those damn Christmas Carols playing “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” and the like, it’s hard to get through some days.  As the saying goes “life goes on”.  No one mentions if that’s a good thing.  It goes on, but it is never the same for us.

Okay, so how do we try to lighten our load, so to speak?  Here are a few ways I am finding to bring some peace back into my heart.  One way is spiritually,  not the “Long Island Medium” kind but the belief that God is always with us and if we ask for his help he will give us what we…

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