It Takes A Village To Move Me

Well, most of my earthly possessions are packed on a moving van and sitting in a warehouse awaiting the middle of October (which is fast approaching) when my new apartment will be ready in Atlanta.  It was no easy task to get to this point.  Seems like since the middle of April I have been busy either getting the house ready to put on the market, painting, organizing, cleaning, listing the house, showings, negotiating the sale, THEN the real work began.  Somehow I had to get my stuff from point A to point B.

Sorely missing in all this was my life partner who always did the majority of work involved in moving us from place to place.  As I was packing boxes left over from our last move, his  handwriting was everywhere on the boxes, bringing back memories of late night carpet shampooing, endless trips back and forth to the new residences, and making our new places home.

For the first time in almost 30 years, I am on my own.  How in the world am I going to get all of this done and be out on time?  Not wanting to be a pain to anyone, it seemed that as people volunteered to help, I would take them up on it for a day.  So when my next door neighborhood Chelle volunteered she came over and helped me pack up my dining room and kitchen.  We did it in an afternoon and it was a good thing.  Next my bestie from junior high,  Mary Ellen came and helped me pack more boxes and pile them up in the living room.  Then Priscilla Swiat who is always there to rescue me whenever I am in need came when she could and was with me the day the moving van came and left with my stuff.  Could not have done it without her, especially when I tried to put Waylon in the car and he stood at the front door wanting to go back in.  I still tear up just thinking about the scene.  The bottom line is that I have a wonderful network of friends that love me and would do anything to help.

And don’t even get me started on my moving sale..The angels that visited me that day were numerous.  Again Mary Ellen and my Niece Kelli were there for crowd control and Tim DeHaan (a modern day picker) who bought a lot and then hauled away everything else and even took my stuff that needed shredding and burned it for me.  And all this time I am sure Sam is rooting me on.

The last year and half has tested me to a level which at times I am not sure I can endure.  So why not drop everything and move to Atlanta to start over.  Am I Nuts?  Probably, but my therapist says I am okay.