Oh What A Beautiful Morning

I am fully convinced that God puts us where we need to be all the time.  I have been pissing and moaning this entire time in Atlanta.  The traffic, the people, the expense, among other things.  On the brighter side, I have spent more time with my Grand Kids in six months than I did the whole time I lived in Allegan, MI.  The restaurants here are great, and I get treated to dinners and lunches and brunches a lot by my Family.  And I missed the worst Winter Michigan has seen in fifty years.   

Most of you know that I have been feeling like this move was a mistake on my part.  But had I not come down here I would be up north kicking myself for not going.  So let’s call it a learning experience.  Yes, right…….an expensive learning experience, but I cannot let that stand in my way.  Not now, not when I am trying to re-invent myself.   Sounds like a big job, but it must be done, because my life has changed and I am no longer Sam Bond’s wife.  I am his widow.  A moniker I could due without, but it is what it is.  I need to look ahead and try to imagine my life without my husband, because up to now I have just been reacting to his death.  I must consciously plan a life without him.  He would be the first one to tell me this, so I will go with it.  

Today I woke up and the birds were singing and the sun was shining and I felt better than I have in a while, especially since the time change.  When I took the dogs out, I realized it was going to be really warm so I got myself around to walk.  I felt like taking a different route and I think that changed my attitude also.  As I was walking it dawned on me that I was exactly where I belonged today.  That this past six months HAD been a learning experience.  Once again I had to go through this to appreciate everyone and everything in my life and exactly where I fit into what had temporarily been a puzzle to me.  I feel like the darkness is starting to lift, and I must make it a point to keep all this in mind and keep moving forward with my new life.  

So boys and girls I am on my way back to Kalamazoo, MI, where the majority of my family and friends reside.  Where I am most comfortable, where my roots are,  where my heart is.  It is where I will spend the majority of my time, and as it stands now, I am welcome to visit the kids in Atlanta anytime I would like and stay with them.  To me that is the best of both worlds.  

Look out Kalamazoo, T Bond is coming home!