My Soul Is Thirsting For You

As I sit in the quiet of my home following the social distancing and shelter in place order that we are under in the State of Michigan, I am struck by the absolute devastation the whole world has suffered in the last few months. We are being attacked by a pandemic virus that has not been seen in this country since 1918, and no one seems to understand it in any great detail.

Having nothing to do but think about how my (and everyones) daily life has changed probably forever to some degree, is overwhelming. Absolutely surreal at times. Epic sadness follows us with the news of deaths caused by Covid-19 and the fact that people are dying alone because their families cannot be with them in the hospitals. You could turn off the news although it’s my thinking that ignoring a pandemic attacking humanity is burying your head in the sand.

Even now as I write my eyes are filled with tears for all those who have lost their loved ones without even the chance to hug them, touch them, tell them goodbye. I pray to God that he have mercy on all of us who are suffering in our loneliness and loss.

If this were a war or a natural disaster we would go to our places of worship and pray. That is not possible right now so I attend Mass virtually so to speak, either on-line or on TV. It’s not the same. Not even close. I yearn for gathering with my Brothers and Sisters in Christ at the Celebration of the Mass, singing in the Choir, and being able to receive the Body of Christ through the Holy Eucharist. I long for the day when we can be care-free and rejoice in the company of our loved ones and friends.

As we all do, I pray for the front line workers, essential employees, all those who are risking their very lives to administer to the sick and suffering, the hungry, and all those doing their part to not spread this horrible virus called Covid- 19.

In closing, things are tough out there, but we will get through this. The shelter in place is hard on everyone, but especially those living by themselves. If you are aware of anyone in this situation think about giving them a call or drop them a note periodically. It will brighten their day.

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