Come Back To Me

Cradle Catholic, Cafeteria Catholic, devout Catholic, Roman Catholic, and for those who want to do the very minimum, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.  At one time or another I have been all of the above.

I won’t go into the scandalous cover-up orchestrated by the Vatican.  I will say that the pedophile priests make me sick to my stomach and my heart aches for all of the abused.  All of it being done in the name of God.  There are a lot of Catholics who have abandoned the Church because of this, and I understand and have nearly done so.  What I am trying to explain is why I have decided to stay in the Church.

Because I am a Cradle Catholic it is all I know, it is home. After having been away for the last three years, I started going again sporadically. One Sunday in November I went to St. Ambrose in Parchment, my home parish, and felt a real peace there. Walking down the same aisle I walked to marry my Husband Sam, that my Son walked to receive his First Communion and Confirmation, and the pews I sat in with my family for so many years. My Mom and Dad and Sam. The choir did an exceptional job that day and it moved me. I seemed to hear in my mind the hymn “Hosea”.

When Mass was over, I went over to our choir director and told her I wanted to come back to choir and sing and she welcomed me back with open arms as did the rest of my choir family. I was home. It was a small miracle, The Lord touched my heart and lead me back to where I belonged. I am singing at 11:15 Mass and love it. I know God loves all of us, all we have to do is believe and try to be a better person. We will fall and he will pick us up, it doesn’t matter where or if we attend a certain church, as long as we are trying, he knows and will answer our prayers and give us the strength we need to get through this life.

Bottom line is I am a different person since all this happened, I love my life and look forward to making a difference with everyday I am given.

When Enough Is Enough

My name is Theresa, I am a Cradle Catholic, it is the only religion I know. But today, I am officially disgusted with the Roman Catholic Church. I have resisted the urge to leave the church over the last ten to fifteen years, due to the fact that 1.) it is all I know and 2.) I believe in the teachings of our faith. That being said, I have got to voice my absolute anger over this last wave of priestly predators that have come to light, both in Ireland and Milwaukee, WI. I have severe doubts about the Holy See and their ability to govern the ever shrinking supply of priests.

There have been so many accusations of abuse by priests in the church that some have grown numb to it. Not to the act, but to the Churches response. In an article written by Laurie Goodstein and published March 24, 2010 in the New York Times, Ms. Goodstein states that Father Lawrence Murphy had abused at least 200 deaf boys back in the 50’s and 60’s when he was in charge of a school for the deaf in Wisconsin. It makes me sick to my stomach and the fact that the Vatican covered it up, makes me even sicker. True it was brought to their attention in the mid 1990’s, but they failed to act because they wanted to avoid another scandal. Excuse me? Haven’t they learned their lesson? Oh and this is rich, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (aka Pope Benedict XVI) was in charge of the cover-up. In my eyes this behavior is tantamount to condoning the acts of abuse. They said that they were focusing on sin and repentance rather than the criminal aspect. So in 1998 Father Murphy died as a priest. It was said he had no remorse for his actions.

I cannot believe that Christ would condone any of this. There are pundits out there who suggest we are to do what Church leaders tell us to do and ignore their examples of behavior. You know, do what I say, not what I do. I really believe the Church is at a crossroads where if it is to have any credibility at all, some housecleaning needs to take place.

The College of Cardinals has run a muck. Until we get leadership in the Church that is not from the same generation as the abusers we are not going to led out of the darkness. I probably run the risk of excommunication, (that seems to be the punishment for those who dare question the Church), but I can not in good conscience sit by and remain silent, especially when I have this blog as a platform.

If you have a different opinion, please let me know as I am always open to hearing the other side and maybe there is something I am missing. We need to generate conversation, as this is the 800 pound gorilla in the Sanctuary for all of us. Why should we leave the Church over this, when there are other alternatives.

Seldom have so few done so much harm to so many. Men who have been given access to our children,

Still believing that Christ designated Peter to be his representative on earth and even yes, the Pope to be