T. Bond 1 Treadmill 1

Today is September 10th.  Exactly 1 month ago I tried to slingshot myself off the treadmill and across the basement.  After a trip to the ER (shout out to Doc Condon in Allegan)  and lots of pain medication, I am finally feeling a little better…so why not use this anniversary date to start exercising, I thought to myself.

I proudly waltzed into the bedroom and announced my plan to Sam, who immediately wanted to know if he should put the ambulance service on speed dial, and by the way was I going to behave myself?  Promising I would not be trying any stunts down there, I opened the basement door and headed downstairs.

Ipod in hand I walked over to the treadmill , noticing my glass of water next to it from the last time.  Having not been downstairs since that awful day, I was a little nervous and the popping of my sternum still rang in my ears. But being that I have gained 10 pounds over the last few months it was time to get back on the horse that threw me.

Facing forward on the machine, I set the speed to 3.5 mph and left the incline on 8, put my headphones on for some Lady Gaga and hit the start button.  I completed my 30 minute workout with a sense of accomplishment  Turning to go back upstairs with sweat everywhere including my ears, I thought I heard something from the vicinity of the treadmill,”Theresa, you ignorant slut, why don’t you come back and try that running backwards thing again?”  I ran up the stairs careful not to trip and shut the basement door behind me.


You can feel it and smell it in the air.  It’s been with us for a couple of weeks now.  That’s right, Autumn is upon us.and the cicadas have been signalling the first frost for about a month now.  That’s scary….

For all intents and purposes summer is over and we look forward to the Fall season with its changing colors and cooler weather.  We put in our memory banks the fun we had this Summer,  family reunions , county fairs, picnics, camping, tubing on the lakes and rivers.  There is nothing like Summer in Michigan, especially Southwest lower Michigan.  We wait all winter for the greening of the grass, the blooming of the flowers and trees,  school being out so we can vacation with our family and friends.  Hitting the beaches of Lake Michigan, eating ice cream cones, enjoying the beverage of our choice while we relax on our decks during a warm summer evening, trying to relive our summer days gone by.

Grudgingly we store our boats, put away the beach toys,  haul in the lawn furniture and prepare for a cooler but also beautiful season with its football games, apple cider,  bonfires, and most of all the Fall colors.  Perhaps our Summer memories are more precious, because it seems to be the only season that flies by.

I have lots to look forward to this fall. This September I  will be watching my Grandson march in performances with the Kalamazoo Central High School band.  It is difficult for me to realize he is a Freshman already.  I became a Grandma for the first time on September 11, 1997, when Max was born.  

As for me and mine, we will build bonfires on the shore of Lake Allegan,  roast hot dogs and s’mores, maybe go to a football game or two, all the while dreaming of our warm sunny days of last summer.