Profiling, Schmofiling

Ever since the State of Arizona passed their Immigration Law SB-1070, there has been a lot of outrage. Yes there is a chance that the law would be abused by the police. But from what it appears something had to be done and the laws on the books were not being enforced by the Federal Government.

Did you know that Arizona is number 2, I repeat number 2, in the World, let me say again, in the World in kidnapping for ransom. It is ground zero for smuggling drugs into the U.S. Unless you live in the State you have no idea how out of control the situation is.

I understand that there are humanitarian concerns about the children of illegals being born in the U.S. that are Legal Citizens. But if we do not secure the border, chaos will continue to reign. Mexico is ferocious in protecting their border to the south from Central Americans and I dare say they shoot first and ask questions later (if you know what I mean.)

People are incensed that they have to carry their papers and or drivers license with them at all times. To me that is just common sense. Everywhere I have lived in the country makes it mandatory you carry your license if you’re driving and it is the “gold standard” aside from a passport for identification purposes.

If the ticket agent, where Mohammad Atta boarded one of the doomed airliners, had followed his gut instinct and not been afraid of profiling, well you know, 09/11 would just be my Grandson Max’s birthday.

Even if this law is appealed, and it probably will be, it has drawn attention to the immigration problem along our borders to the south. Perhaps the current administration will put its reform back on the front burner (where it was promised to be a priority if elected). Either way the gauntlet has been thrown down and Washington has an obligation to respond.

Sixty And Counting

Well the big day has come and gone. I would like to be able to say that I am none the worse for wear, but that isn’t true. I believe that yesterday was one of the more crappy days I’ve had in a while. Sixty. Who’d of thunk it? Certainly not me. Every time I glanced at my birthday cards setting on the table, the 60 would pop out at me and make me feel like hey, look at the old lady! I felt really old and really depressed. Maybe it was just the let down from all the partying on Saturday.

My cousin Mary had a wonderful dinner party for me and all my family was there to help me celebrate. The beer wagon had rolled in and of course I had a few. (Brain cells be damned.) At least no one wore black arm bands. I took a few shots from the younger generation, but in good humor for the most part. The food was delicious and a good time was had by all.

For the life of me I don’t know where my philosophy went that age is only a number. It works great if you’re talking about someone else. I think it’s the old, I’m not going to live forever and the fact that we are celebrating it scares the hell out of me.

But it was a good excuse for all of us to get together and drink a little beer and have a lot of fun. God has been very good to me and I pray he lets me keep my sense of humor for the next twenty years or so, ‘cuz if not it’s going to be a real drag.

A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Lose

So here it is. Sunday is creeping up fast on me and it is really freaking me out. Birthdays have never bothered me. Only a number I say. A really big number. And besides, we get to party and have fun and of course there are presents….and cake, we can’t forget the cake.

My follow-up appointment with the neurologist was Friday. I was looking forward to some answers, but I left with more questions than answers. The exam went well. Then she pulled up the MRI films. Front shot, I could see a little white area on the right side, but not much. I must admit I felt vulnerable, ( and a little like the Scare Crow on the Wizard of Oz) looking at my brain. She explained to me that the white area was dead brain cells, probably caused by the high blood pressure. “Those are never coming back”, she mentioned. Roger , 10-4, that’s what I was afraid of. That must be why I used the Lysol spray instead of Pledge to dust with today.

I am anxious for our company to come this weekend. All my family will be here from Michigan to celebrate with me. I will swallow hard and blow out the candles on my cake and hope that the Lysol doesn’t leave a residue.