Best Christmas………ever

It will be 8 years this May since I lost Sammy, I miss him more everyday but wanted to share this post again. Here’s to all our greatest memories. Love you big guy..

As most of you know, I was torn this Christmas. I wanted to be with my family, but my Husband could not come due to extra expenses involved in making the trip.

Throughout the two weeks before Christmas my mood was tempered by the knowledge that Sam would not be with me for the holiday and that took some of the joy out of the season.

No matter what, this holiday was going to be a challenge for everyone. The nation as a whole is struggling with a lot. We will all get along with less. No huge presents for the Grandkids or ourselves. No gift exchange with extended family, and I missed shopping for presents, as I am a shopaholic it was quite hard on me.

Even my trip to Chicago lacked some luster due to the fact I only really had money for the train trip. But I…

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