Tuff Stuff

It’s tuff to change your way of life at a moments notice.

It’s tuff to realize during a world-wide pandemic that you are vulnerable

It’s tuff to hear a little girl holler across the street to ask me if I am a Granny.

It’s tuff to know a lot of my friends in the service industry have lost their jobs.

It’s tuff to hear about people who are not taking this seriously and in turn putting a lot of us at risk

It’s tuff to see all the front line workers risking their lives and their families trying to save lives with very little help from the Federal Government.

It’s tuff to have to be sheltered in place when you are all by yourself.

It’s tuff to not be able to sing the sacred hymns we know and love at this Holy Season.

And it is really tuff to go through Easter Sunday without being able to attend any services and especially receive the Holy Eucharist. It seems perhaps we are receiving a message from our Lord to put aside our differences and our partisan politics and our greed and so much other bad behavior and really pull together to flatten the curve of this deadly virus.

May God Bless You with his Love at this Holiest of times.

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