The Big 6 – 0

Easter2011 025

The day you came into the world Sam Bond, you made it  a better place.  Now I didn’t meet you for another 25 years, but you changed my life and my world as soon as we got together.  Ordinarily I wouldn’t be caught dead dating, let alone marrying a guy that was 5 years younger than myself.  But there was something about you…..

Thank God I came to my senses.

Happy Birthday Sam.  Today would have been your 60th.  It is a perfect day the kind you always enjoyed.  Sun shining and 70 degrees.  Your birthday fit you to a T.  Summer was your favorite season.  If you were still here we would be on Lake Allegan with your loud, banana yellow,  speed boat.  We lived the hell out of those last two years.

You have been gone 3 years and 4 birthdays.  To say I miss you is a gross understatement.  Today’s 11:15 Mass is for you at St. Ambrose and I pray it lifts you higher in God’s presence.  I am sorry I cried on and off during the service.    Your spirit was everywhere in the Church, it was our spiritual home for decades.   It was the church in which we were married.   Didn’t even sing today,  just sat by myself.   At the sign of peace, I remember how you would always turn to me looking down with a  “peace shorty”,  every did get a little old but I miss it now.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to get through these special events without crying,  you were such a huge presence in all of our lives and your absence leaves a void that is difficult to fill.  For now we will have to be happy with the great memories of an all too short life amongst us.

Happy Birthday Baby,  your spirit will never die.