An Attitude Of Gratitude

This time of year I hear from a lot of people who have suffered loss, about how to get through the holidays by themselves. It’s a heartbreaking situation for sure, and hopefully there is extended family and friends that the holiday can be shared with. Nothing will be the way it was from now on, but you are entering a new phase of life.

I have started to recommend to my grieving friends “go out and rescue a pet who is also alone and needs someone”. Pets are used as therapy and make a big difference in the healing process. They give you a reason to wake up in the morning (they have to out). Someone who counts on you and someone to talk to. You need to walk them, (exercise). You can do the dog park and meet people with dogs who might be in the same situation.

The big hurdle, I will confess, is taking the first step to leave the house. This will take a lot of courage and practice but you can do it. And the reward of doing so is you will have another partner be it cat or dog that will give you unconditional love, and greet you when you come home. Just a thought.

The actual reason for my post today is Gratitude. Instead of dwelling on what we don’t have anymore, let’s stop and think of all of our Blessings. This exercise is for everyone who reads my posts. If you are reading this please leave a response on this page. In what way are you especially blessed this Thanksgiving day? Go ahead, you can name them all if you would like.

I will start. This Thanksgiving I am especially grateful for my two canine companions Honey and Flash. My house is always a whirlwind of activity thanks to them. I am also blessed to have my Brother Phil’s Family who have taken me under their wing since I lost my Husband Sam…

Okay now it’s your turn; I am looking forward to hearing from you….Please comment below. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

2 thoughts on “An Attitude Of Gratitude

  1. All my grandkids will be with their families, and my daughter will have dinner with me. I bought a prepared dinner, so I just have to heat it up. (I’m lazy I guess). With no more family, it’s not the same, but I’m learning to live with it.


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