Kindness Of Strangers

Something we who are alone have to rely on when we have emergencies come up in our day. And when I say emergencies I mean car trouble. Nothing makes me feel more vulnerable.

So Saturday I was on my way to 5:00 Mass at St. Ambrose in Parchment when my car stalled at the corner of Riverview Dr. and Glendale Blvd. It wouldn’t restart, cars started honking until I turned on my emergency flashers. Oh look I’m at the Bus Stop, here comes a bus. (Thank God I’m in the right lane) I look to my left and a car has stopped and they are trying to ask me what the problem is, but my power window of course won’t work so I opened my door and told them my car stalled. The lady’s Son asked if it was in Park or out of gear. It was in Park so we got it in Neutral and he pushed me into the repair shop on that corner (thank you God) and they gave me a ride to Church. Her name is Heidi and her Son’s name is Cole. They live on Oak Grove. In the mean time other people had stopped to help. And right here I am going to point out they were all women. Huh! Except Cole of course, but he was with his Mom. They saved my bacon. Imagine if this had happened on Stadium Dr. I’d still be there.

They dropped me off at the front door of the church and I profusely thanked them. Angels in my estimation. I was still pretty rattled, got my music around for choir, looked up and my Brother Phil and his wife Linda came waltzing in. I immediately let out a breath of joy. I had help (Phil) and a ride home. We tried to jump the car, no soap, so I called for a tow to the Volvo dealer. When I called the towing company they asked where it was of course, where did I leave the keys? Shit! In my purse. Double shit….Fortunately my brother could drop off the key on his way home. Home…….Left my garage door opener in the car….storm door on the front was locked…..key under the mat wouldn’t help me…Ah, my neighbor Nick has my other garage door opener…neighbor not home…called neighbor….He answered, knew if T Bond was calling something was up…Could he bring me the opener? He was out with friends but he got a ride over, gave me the opener and I was in (smiley face)……

So the whole thing was a goat rodeo, but the good news is that with the kindness of strangers and family I made it home safely. A little worse for wear, but safe. The sad part is that if Sam were still alive, I would have made one phone call, he would have been there in 10 minutes and I wouldn’t have been a burden to anyone. But we all know that is not the case.

I thank the Lord that he put me in that path of kindness. If anyone knows Heidi’s last name and address on Oak Grove please let me know. I would like to send them a Thank You….

Has anyone else living alone been in this situation and how did you get through it? Who came to your rescue?

2 thoughts on “Kindness Of Strangers

  1. I have been a widow for two years and I have been at that vulnerable place. Not with my car, but other “emergencies “. I live in Parchment in a very small condo complex. My neighbors have been so kind to me. Here we are a pretty close group and can truly count on each other. I count that among my many blessings from God.


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