There is nothing quite like a hug. It wraps you in warmth. It brings you close to another person. Group hugs are good too.

Then there is the “I don’t want to get too close” hug. Where you go though the motions, but don’t quite make physical contact. Those are usually reserved for people we know, but not too well.

Hugs say a lot of different things; “I missed you”, I love you”, “I understand”, “Hello”, “Goodbye”, “Hang in there”, “I’m with you”.

The hugs I remember most are from my grandchildren. Feeling their little arms around my neck. Jumping off steps into my arms. (I always had to be ready.) Picking them up when they fell to comfort them and dry their tears.

The greatest part of a hug is when it is fully enjoyed by both parties. Sometimes it’s fun to see who can hug the hardest. Sort of like a “dance of joy”.

The goodbye hugs are the hardest on me. Tears come to my eyes now thinking of them.

I remember the last hug my Dad gave me as I was leaving for home in the dark of an early May morning. It brings me both joy and sadness.

I look forward to all my up coming hugs. Feeling the joy of seeing my family and friends again and holding the essence of their love in our goodbye embraces.

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