We all want them

Some of us have them
As trees growing where they were planted
their roots reaching deeply into the earth

Sometimes our roots are not allowed to
deeply furrow into the ground
We must leave the place where we
are comfortable

Like tall, strong oak trees we
refuse to bend or be bent by strong
winds trying to blow us down

The roots hold the tree so it is stable
but the roots also do not allow the
tree to move, from flames of fire, the
wrath of tornadoes or the like
The tree
is broken but the roots remain

For those of us who must give up
our roots are able to move
when the fire comes and seek
shelter from the cyclonic winds

So roots are good
and roots are bad
the part that makes me really sad
is giving up the roots I had.

The featured picture is by Lisa Feather and is from her website

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