Fall Frolic

I thank God for the maple trees that line the path of my daily walk.
The fall air is crisp and the leaves that have fallen rustle at my feet
Colors that only maple trees can bring, vivid orange, bright yellow and crimson
fill my eyes with their beauty.

I close my eyes and inhale the unmistakable aroma of autumn
My mind is awash in memories of jumping into big piles of leaves with my young son, his joyous laughter still ringing in my ears

Memories of bonfires with the grandkids
Making smores in the dark, trying to find the graham crackers
Gooey chewy goodness
More chocolate outside the kids than inside

I walk through the deepest leaves on the sidewalk, kicking them up
Still the little kid
Remembering my childhood

I pass a young couple at the bus stop
“Good morning”, I say
“Good morning, ma’am” the young man responds with a smile
How polite, I think, then it comes to me that he is merely respecting his elders,
like his mother probably taught him

I pass a man at the next bus stop
“Good morning” I say looking into his steel blue eyes
No response
Just stares at me in defiance
How sad
Makes me feel bad somehow, kind of ruins my morning
But I get over it and keep moving

This is me pushing the envelope
Getting out of my comfort zone
Starting another day.

One thought on “Fall Frolic

  1. Nice poem, Theresa! I love fall for all of the reasons you describe. It is on the edge, the beginning of challenge, just outside my comfort zone in temperature and wind and weather, but all the more exciting for it. I’m so glad you shared your story.


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