The Many Faces Of Grief

Grief never goes away, instead it comes back to us in different forms and phases. I had a meeting with my Grief Counselor today after several weeks of stress and indecision. Oh, thats another residue of grief…depression.

I am a strong proponent of grief counseling. There are different types, mainly group or individual sessions. It took me a couple of tries to find a good fit for me. Some people find comfort being with others who are going through the same experience. It’s entirely up to you. That’s the thing, there is no “way to grieve”, no steps, no stages. It is different for everyone. You need to do what works for you to get through it…..Very hard to go through it alone. As a matter of fact, PLEASE DON’T DO IT ALONE!

“Grief is a journey” (I repeat this in most of my posts) your way of life now. Time will help so that you can resume a more “normal” life. Everything that happens and everything you participate in will lead you right where you belong, where you’re supposed to be.

Now I will tell you how I handle it. I believe that Sam is with me every minute in my life. If I didn’t believe it I would be lost. You have to tune yourself into what is going on around you. You have to be very spiritual. Look for signs such as butterflies, cardinals, hummingbirds. But here is what I have experienced. From the day I lost Sam he has given me signs of all sorts. Moving dog balls across the living room, helping me start the snowblower, lawnmower, sent me a couple of angels in the form of young men to buy his boat, clean up my steps to the lake, and fix my fountain. All I DID WAS TELL HIM I NEEDED HELP. Before he died he told me if there was any way he could help me after he was gone he would. He was and is still here. He hears me, it is uncanny, but it is real. Needless to say I pray a lot, but we can’t do it alone.

One last thought, and I experience this often, and I direct it to mostly to friends and family. Please talk about our lost loved ones, and the fun we used to have, and the things we used to do, and the things they were known for saying, because when you don’t we think you have forgotten them. Knowing that is not true it can only mean you are not comfortable doing so. We are not going to fall apart, we are going to appreciate talking and laughing, remembering a very big part of our life. After all their souls are with us, they are just not in the physical world right now.

Love to all of my Brothers and Sisters suffering from loss. Have you ever experienced any spiritual signs from your loved ones who have passed?

One thought on “The Many Faces Of Grief

  1. It’s been over 4 years since my husband Bob has been gone; and I still don’t handle the loss too well. After 53 years, there are too many reminders.


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