They Will Know We Are Christians?


If I re929eb-thumbnail-aspxmember the hymn correctly the rest of the chorus goes “and they’ll know we are Christians by our love, by our love and they’ll know we are Christians by our LOVE.

What the hell has happened to our country? (rhetorical question).  The divide between Black and White, Christian and Muslim, Democrats and Republicans, Liberal and Conservative, I could go on and on.  Have we become so rude and callous that there is no room in our hearts for humans that identify with something that we do not?  All I see is Hate.  Hate in the name of God..How screwy is that?  Very.  The Christian Conservatives want to rule the country according to the Bible, and the Progressives want to give the entire country free everything..a nice thought, but how?  There is nothing but gridlock in Washington.  Congress could not even agree to have a moment of silence for the victims of the nightclub shooting..

The point I really wanted to get across is that if we truly believe that we are Christians we will honor God’s  most important Commandment  (according to the bible) “Love one another as I have loved you.” (paraphrasing)  “Love your neighbor as yourself” etc. No one has all the answers, but even Pope Francis says “Who Am I to Judge?”

In my opinion, if our country keeps going in the same direction as the last eight years, we will have nothing but a big mess for future generations.  We need to quit hating for our differences and start loving for our sameness, members of the human race.



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