When I awoke this morning it was to the news that my dear friend Marg  Groetsema had passed the night before.   Marg is the first person to befriend me when we arrived in Vancouver the Fall of 2004.  Fortunately she and her Husband Dale lived just down the street from us and Dale worked with Sam at Boise, Inc.  We never lost touch throughout the years for which I am grateful. 

She was so supportive of me during some of my hair-brained business ventures.  Always showing up to make sure I wasn’t alone when nobody showed up at one of my jewelry parties, candle parties, etc.
I was blessed because she thought I was funny.  One of the best stories I have is when I first moved in and she would have me down for coffee and it would always be so strong, I mean really strong, almost undrinkable.   She told me I was welcome to make the coffee the way I liked it if I wanted to.  Like a dummy, I thought she didn’t know how to make coffee.  Never dawning on me that she liked her coffee EXTRA STRONG. 

Marg and I had a date at Starbucks on 192nd Ave every week.  That is where we shared all our news, including her Leukemia diagnosis.  It seems to me she always had a Toffee Nut latte, but I always had the flavor of the season.  What was the most fun was stopping over at the Pay-less Shoe Store after coffee and looking at all the new shoes that were out.  There was seldom a time that we walked out of there without any shoes.  What fun.  I never felt like a stranger when Marg was around. 

I am writing this through tears, knowing I will never get to see her again,  happy that I did get to tell her how much I loved her and hug her one last time when I was there to visit the end of February.

Today I pray that God will wrap his loving arms around her, and comfort Dale and Maria as they mourn the loss of their Wife and Mother.  Here’s to you Marg, thank you for all the great memories and the love you shared with all of us.  We are truly blessed for having had you in our lives.

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