My Funny Valentine

Today is February 14th, Valentines Day, 9 months to the day Sam Bond left this world for the spiritual one.  This special day is one more in a succession that I have spent alone since losing him.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not feeling sorry for myself, just noticing the differences that my life has taken on since May.

As most of you probably know, Sam was a hopeless romantic.  From the first time we went out for a drink and he kissed my hand before he got on his Honda to ride back home, to the countless flowers with love notes attached, through our 30 some years together.  In truth everyday was Valentines Day for  Sam and I.  Before we were married he gave me a set of footie pajamas because I would get so cold at night.  I know I still have the note he left with them.  Last Valentine’s day was a culmination of all his gifts and notes.  He took me to a beautiful dinner at Four Roses in Plainwell where we both had an excellent meal and dessert (of course).  I wish I could remember his exact words, but there were tears in his eyes as he explained the gift.  It was an oval blue agate cameo featuring a guardian angel protecting a little girl and he read the back to me which said,”God and I love you Theresa” and he slipped it around my neck and I have never taken it off since then.  He wanted me to have something tangible to hold and know he loved me after he was gone.

Today is hard, as are a lot of my days, but I try to carry on the way I know he wants me to.  He is with me always as I feel him.  He also left me with his favorite song by Adele entitled “Love Song” and when I hear it I know he is telling me of his love for me.

Thank you Sam, for devoting your life to me and my happiness, I will treasure our love always.

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