The Ravages Of Cancer

Today we mark a milestone in Sam’s fight against cancer.  He returns to work, albeit half-time, after being off for more than 120 days.  During that time he endured major surgery, a rigorous radiation and chemotherapy schedule, and weeks of slow recovery.  He is down 100 lbs from this time last year, appears to have lost a bet and had to have his head shaved, and relegated to eat most of his meals with a straw.

At this point he is eating soft foods, speaking more clearly, and anxious to get back to normal life.  He is fatigued, but that will last according to the docs for about a year.  He won’t be tired all the time, but he will experience waves of fatigue.

We go back to Mayo on October 7th and hopefully will get a clean bill of health as far as Cancer goes.

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