The Not So Incredible Shrinking Woman Tackles The Flat Belly Diet

When it comes to losing weight, I am a work in progress. Over the last few years I have tried a myriad of diets including Weight Watchers, and many fad diets. I often wonder why there are so many. My son swears by Atkins, but I need some carbs. Doing a lot of reading regarding weight loss only confused me. It seems there is not a one diet fits all.

I was a bit leery when someone suggested that I try the above mentioned diet, telling me it really works. I went out and bought the book while Sam was recuperating from his cancer surgery. I read it and it made sense to me, and because it was formulated by the editors of Prevention Magazine, (giving it credence in my eyes) I thought it sounded like something I could do.

Those of you who know me, know that I am hooked on caffeine. It was not unusual for me to drink a couple of pots of coffee a day and don’t get me started on my Diet Coke habit. Caffeine is one thing that you really should give up, because it is a diuretic and messes with your metabolism. Carbonated beverages are also a no-no, due to the fact that the bubbles create bloating.

One of the pains about starting a new eating program is the expense of buying all the food. This was not cheap, but if I had gone to Meijer, instead of the Jewel, I could have save about $20. So $70 later I am ready to begin. After 4 days, I had lost 4 pounds. Does not sound like much does it? But the great part was that I had lost inches. It almost appeared that I had a waist! This gave me the desire to keep it up. For 28 more days I lugged my food around with me every where I went.

The first week without coffee nearly killed me. Seriously, it was crazy how caffeine lifted my mood and gave me energy to face the day. Well now I didn’t have it and boy this better be worth it! But after 4 days, seeing a difference, it made it easier for me to continue. Results are the impetus to continue anything you are doing in your life.

I started the “Flat Belly Diet” by Liz Vaccariello, on June 21 and as of today, August 20, I have lost 16 lbs. and several inches. I went from an xl to a medium and I feel so much better. Once more this is a great way to eat and you can still splurge once in a while (because God knows I CANNOT give up my beer) . I enjoy 1 cup of coffee in the morning now and that seems to be enough. I can walk by cherry Gummi Bears on the sidewalk and not be the least bit tempted to pick them up.

It needs to be noted that I did not accomplish these results without exercise, running 2 miles on the treadmill 5 days a week. I still want to lose an additional 15 pounds so until then I remain focused. The upside is that I will continue to eat this way the rest of my life (it is basically a Mediterranean diet) so it shouldn’t be hard to keep the weight off.

So I encourage any of you who want to lose weight to go out and by the book and get started. It will change your life!

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