Love You to the Max (A letter to my first Grandchild)

The first time I held you in my arms was a magical moment. Only about five minutes old, freshly bathed and wrapped tightly in a receiving blanket and hand knit stocking cap. There wasn’t a peep out of you. I think you were happy in my arms. Could you feel the love in my arms and in my heart?

Oh little one, how you transformed me. I didn’t realize that I could feel so much love for another human being. I will spend time with you, and watch you grow day by day if I can.

You won’t have to call me “Miss Theresa” or GiGi, or even Nana. Grandma will do just fine. I will wear that badge proudly and with honor.

I wonder what it is that evokes so much love for our Grandchildren. Perhaps it is God giving me another chance. I have so much more time to spend with you than I did with your Dad. I was too busy growing up myself when he was a child. But I will spend a minimum of one day a week with you little man. You have captured my heart.

I will never forget the night you were born and holding you in my arms. No one will ever hurt you or they will have me to answer to.

Thank you Son, for giving me this bundle of joy and starting a new chapter in my life.

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