Time Gone By

Addie, can you see me?
I’m here next to your Mom in the birthing room watching you
come into the world.

Addie, can you hear me?
I am rocking you, singing to you, and telling you how
much I love you already.

Addie, can you feel me?
I am holding you snug in my arms as you feed from your

Addie, can you understand why I had to be gone these last four
years of your life?

I can’t

Looking at your perfect little freckle-kissed face.
Listening to you read to me about a sunflower that went flop, as we sit under
your Great-Grandma’s hickory tree.

So I will cherish this and every moment we have together.
Watching you look at everything with wonder and imagination
through those beautiful lapis blue eyes.

I will hold in my mind the way it feels when you hug me
with your soft, little arms, every “I love you Grandma,” or
“What shall we do today, Grandma?”

I have missed so much…..

But believe you me, you are, and always will be

In my heart

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