No Fear Zone

I am coming to you today from the “No Fear Zone” and why that is I have yet to realize. It’s like one morning recently I awoke and was not worried anymore.

Worried about what? you may ask. Well….losing our house for instance. Or having a financial crisis that would bankrupt us, or moving back closer to home. Or another depression. Or losing our jobs. The list goes on and on and frankly I should be scared shitless. But realistically what can we do about it?

Yes we can budget (which we are doing), but as my husband says,”we are just one Vet bill or medical emergency away from the brink of financial ruin.” To sit around and worry about it is an exercise in futility.

I was looking back at how we may have gotten into this mess. First of all we are not alone. There is a little satisfaction in knowing that there are a lot of families in our situation and millions more are in fact losing there homes and much more.

Yes it’s true we spent money like drunken sailors in the past. A lot of it spent on toys that we didn’t need. But back then we could afford them and had a lot of fun with them. We took vacations that perhaps seemed extravagant to some, but we had the money and made some terrific memories.

We knew we should be saving for the future. For a rainy day as some would say. Well the monsoons are here and we don’t even have an umbrella. So the time is here to tighten our belts and pray to God that we get out of this thing alive, which we won’t, due to our mortality.

As I reflect back on my life so far, I remember trips to Disney World, Hawaii, presents for our Kids and Grandkids, and the fact that you can’t take it with you. The memories we made were worth it and we will get through this just fine.

So bring it on, what are you gonna do? take my house? take my worldly possessions? It just might make our lives a little simpler and easier.

3 thoughts on “No Fear Zone

  1. Well said. Know it isn’t fun, but I do know of people who save their whole lives at the expense of memories, only to find they never get that time together. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and memories; they are centering and comforting. This too shall pass, and if not we can all live with Phil :-).


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