Happy New Year

Over the last week or so I have been greeted by hugs and “Happy New Year” from my friends and family. This year it sounds all very familiar to me but in my heart and in my mind it is very different.

This year I have no expectations, or resolutions. I am asking nothing of the universe. For you see, I already have everything that is needed to be happy. My valuable lesson came over Christmas, when I realized that material things do not make Christmas, but rather being with loved ones and making memories that no one can take away from us is the true meaning.

I am a rich person. My riches don’t take up space in a safety deposit box, they are in my heart. Dear friends who take time out of their busy holiday schedules to get together and talk about the “old days” and not so old days, our hopes and dreams, our disappointments. Family who take me along to breakfast and foot the bill because they know things are tight right now for us. (And I will be leaving soon.)

So I will tackle 2009 with my usual humor and look to my friends and family for material. Sorry, but I am a writer.

Happy New Year!

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