How do you say goodbye to a companion that has been with you through thick and thin over a period of time that your whole life was in transition.  From the day Waylon came into our life, we experienced Kidney transplant surgery, two cross-country moves, countless trips to Mayo Clinic (yes the dogs came with us) in Rochester, MN and finally back home to Michigan.

I have blogged about his countless antics.  How he fell in love after our to Washington state, with a female Rottweiler across the street.  Every time she went into  heat before he was neutered, he would lay and moan at the laundry room door.  There’s an example of an impossible dream.

We got to where we had to spell the word ” ball” when he was around, because if heard the word, he would go get it and bark until you threw it for him.  If you said anything to him, he understood.  It was uncanny.  Most dogs are very intelligent, we don’t give them enough credit.

We got kicked out of obedience school, cause he wasn’t buying the whole thing.  He would look at me like, “you want me to do what?”  “For that lousy little treat?”  No way lady.  But then he would look at you with those brown eyes and perpetual smile and everything would be okay.

My heart is broken.  I hear his phantom nails on the floor and snoring in the corner.  I miss his unconditional love and acceptance, his endless whining to play ball, the house is so empty without him.  I am waiting on a call from the Vet that his ashes and paw print to pick up, then I will find a suitable container and he will spend his days next to Sam’s in my living room.  Very appropriate as I know they are now together playing ball and going for car rides and having treats all day long.


Jan, Feb and March 035

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