Lighten Your Load

The last few days have proven to be somewhat of a challenge and eye opening as well.   Seeing as it has only been a scant five months since I moved back, I have started to go through the pile of boxes in my garage which take up half of it.  Due time, don’t you think?

I find it difficult to go through the boxes, as there are reminders of my previous lives (that’s right, lives) contained in each one.  So I tried to break them down into categories.  Andy’s childhood, Sam, Max, and Addie.  Now normally one would think what, a box each maybe?  Well……Sam has around five boxes, Andy three, Max and Addie…OMG.   Oh and I can’t forget about me, I try, but to no avail.

Any who, I start to take a razor knife to the boxes and cut them into bite size chunks (don’t worry, no running on the treadmill backwards stories), and put the packing paper in the recycle bin.  Then I begin opening the boxes that are still full of God knows what.  BOOKS!  My lord do I have books.  One medium box full of Jim Harrison, a lot David Baldacci paperbacks, Paulo Coehlo, fortunately I do have a place for them.  Then I open two boxes of vinyl albums from the 1970’s – 1980’s.  Then there are the four or five boxes of cassette tapes and cd’s.  Good God Almighty, I need an organizer of some kind.  So I start pitching.  The first thing of note to go was the copper punch type picture, I made in Pauline Raynor’s 5th grade Science class of a baby fawn.  I hauled that thing across the country and from house to house since then.  Time to purge. 

I have not yet subscribed to my Son Andy’s method of moving (100 yard dumpster in the driveway) but am starting to appreciate what he does. 

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