Giving Thanks

Sitting here in my Mother’s living room on Thanksgiving morning, I am compelled to post.  Thankful for so much that I have,  it is difficult.  Where to begin?

I am thankful for having my Husband and best friend for over thirty years.  We made so many happy memories and he has left part of himself in our Son Andrew.  Through example he taught him how to treat others, especially those he loves, a good work ethic, and maybe what not to do at times.  You do not have to be blood to have a child and leave a legacy. 

I am thankful for my immediate Family, Andrew, Max and Addie.  They are the reason I keep on going.  They are the light of my life.  I am so lucky to have my Mom who is ninety and very healthy and ambulatory,  my Brothers and their Families.  How I enjoy seeing all of my Nieces and Nephews and their Children grow and become responsible citizens of the world.  I am in awe of all of them.  They bring me such joy.

I am especially thankful for our Military who selflessly leave their Families for months, sometimes years at a time to protect the freedom that we so enjoy and take for granted all too often.

I am thankful for the little things, being able to have a hot shower every day,  enough money to  buy food and help others if I choose.  Oh I forgot.  I am thankful for my two canine kids, Waylon and Honey who gladly (sometimes grudgingly) hop in the car and accompany me on my travels.  Even though at times they can be pretty messy.  After our trip from Atlanta to Kalamazoo my car looked like we had field-dressed a deer in it.  It’s nothing that won’t clean up at some point.

We will all pause today and give thanks for what we have and what we have lost, for all of it makes us what we are today.

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