Since You’ve Been Gone

My Dear Sam:

Today marks the first anniversary of your passing from this world into the next.  Words can never come close to expressing what my life is like without you.  This year has been full of firsts, starting a week after you died with our 29th wedding anniversary.  You almost made it and I found your card you bought me in the Jeep when I was cleaning it out.  Then it was your Birthday and the Buddy Guy and Johnny Lang concert you bought tickets for and were looking forward to.  Mary, Jay and I went and I could feel you there with us.  I have to admit I really like Johnny Lang.

 Last week I finally sold the Fat Boy.  Perry’s bought it and I had a nice chat with Dick Perry.  We sat in his office and talked about you and your Dad and how they called you Junior and about the Knuckle head that was stolen from Uncle Vern’s barn.  He tried to find Gordy Cole so I could talk to him but to no avail.  I remember the last time you went there how disappointed you were that it wasn’t the same.  Dick told me he did not recognize you until you had left.  He was sorry for that.

Father Jim said Mass for you today at Nazareth.  That is such a beautiful chapel, so grand, yet peaceful.  The homily spoke to friendship when Christ said you are no longer a servant, but my friend and how Christ laid down his life for us and wants us to have an intimate friendship with him.  We were best friends and I can’t remember how many times I wished it was me who was sick.  I would have gladly died for you.  You got angry every time I mentioned it.

I feel you with me a lot of the time.  You have helped me in oh so many ways.  Like when I need help starting the lawn mower and snow blower, and finding things that I have misplaced.  I hope you hear me when I tell you I love you every night before I go to bed.  I know you are in heaven, please put in a good word for me as I am looking forward to seeing you again.  You are ever in my heart.

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