Who’s In Charge Anyway?

Last night while channel surfing, I came across a familiar, yet not quite right picture on the screen. In front of the White House Press Conference sign stood former President, Bill Clinton, trying to explain why he thought the deal worked out by President Obama and the Republicans was the best solution for everyone right now. On one hand this shows that President Obama is willing to bring in whomever it might take to convince the Democratic Congress that this is the best they are going to get. On the other hand, it is a rotten shame that the President could not accomplish this himself. Instead of coming out and telling us “Look, this is killing me, but I am trying to fight everything that I stand for, to inch to the center and find some common ground with my opponents, to keep some semblance of control.”, he does it with symbolism, by bringing in the Democratic President that went to the center after a “shellacking” he took in mid-term elections, and left office with a surplus budget. Then to top it off leaves Clinton by himself so he can attend a Christmas Party! Talk about subliminal messages. How’s that for distancing yourself?   “Listen to him people.”

Clinton is loving this, all of a sudden his claim to fame won’t be the guy who couldn’t keep it in his pants, it will be the guy who brought the country together and saved the Presidency of Barack Obama..

Kudos to the President for reaching across the aisle in an attempt to hammer out a deal with the GOP in extending the current tax rates that are set to expire on January 1st. Shame on the Republicans for holding the country hostage for not getting exactly what they wanted. A pox on the Democrats for not showing a united front with their leader at a time when he needed it most. This whole thing makes my hair hurt.What does it say when a President has to fight his own party to keep the economy going? To me it says that everyone in Washington D.C. is out of touch with what is going on everywhere in the country.

I voted for the President, thinking he was a Centrist, only to find that he was the same if not worse than the politicians that preceded him.  Had I known anything about Chicago politics prior to election day, I would have thought twice.  He is captive to the big money that put him in office, just as the House and Senate leaders are.  He is coming off as being weak.

While I admire a President who is a family man, he is the leader of the free world and should not let his wife dictate his presence at a Christmas party when the country is in such dire straits.

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