Bump It Baby

We’ve all seen them.  The infomercials that used to haunt the television in the middle of night that are now inundating daytime TV.  I have bought my share.  The Smooth Away, and Sham-Wow to name a couple and am somewhat intrigued by Mr. Steamy.  Today we are talking about the Bump It.

Flo in the Progressive Insurance commercial wears one, I am sure of it.  The object is to put it in your hair on the crown of your head to give your hair some height.  Prior to this device, we were forced to tease or “rat” our hair for fullness.  At first glance it would appear that this device might save the hair from the ravages of the aforementioned, but in the instructions it says to place the Bump It and then tease the hair to hide it.

A question comes to mind.  Why would you want to look like a prom queen from the early sixties?  I know retro is in right now, but really, this was not one of our finest moments.

While visiting my Grand kids last weekend, we found one and immediately started to experiment with it.  Addie wanted to try it so we obliged her.  She immediately aged, looking as if she was going to appear at the Grand Ole Opry and break into song.  You know Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette  etc.  We had a riot!

So here’s an idea.  Why not have a party and try the various infomercial products to see how and if they work?  Of course there should be alcohol involved for the adults….

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