The Not So Incredible Shrinking Woman Goes To The Fitness Center

So here I am, back at Mayo Clinic with my Husband. This trip we are again staying at the Kahler Grand Hotel. It’s an old hotel located right in the center of the Mayo complex. When making the reservation this time, I asked the front desk if they had a fitness center. “Yes”, she replied, “it’s on the 11th floor.” That made me happy, as I had been neglecting my workouts due to not knowing what was available.

You really have to be motivated to use this facility. First you have to use the center elevators to get to the 10th floor. Didn’t they say it was on the 11th floor? Oh yes, but you take the elevators to 10 and then walk up the stairs to 11. Oooookay. If you want to use the gym before 7:00 a.m., you have to use your room key to take the elevator up. Monday morning my key didn’t work so I was going up and down and finally landed in lobby where a nice desk clerk used his key to get me to the 10h floor. All this in my gym clothes. (How embarrassing).

This morning I waited until a few minutes after 7:00 a.m., meeting a guy who mentioned how hard it is to find the place. I concurred. Upon entering the gym, I noticed there were more people than usual. Where to go I wondered. Aha, over there, by the old guy on the treadmill. My slow running will not be apparent next to him. So I meandered over and set my speed at 3.3 mph and incline at 4. Ready for my 2 miles. Started out with Lady Ga-Ga Bad Romance, I was movin’. I glance over at the old man and noticed he was walking at a pretty good clip. Hmmm, 3.2 mph, okay, but I was running, he was walking, it still looked like I was going faster. Then I glanced at his incline setting. It was set at 7! The guy wasn’t even breaking a sweat. He had to be 85 if he was a day. That was humbling.

As I headed back up to our room, (that has a heating and cooling system that is possessed) I was only more determined to keep up my routine. There have been no stops at the Dairy Queen for a Buster Bar Blizzard this trip and am thinking of initiating the Flat Belly Diet as soon as I can be in one place for a 32 day period. Will keep you posted on how that goes….

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