Doctor Howard, Doctor Fine, Doctor Howard

Who can forget Moe, Larry and Curly when they were playing Doctors on the Three Stooges? When we were kids, we would run home from school and watch them on TV and laugh our heads off.

For at least the last 20 years, there has been a lot of discussion and attempts to reform America’s Health Care System. Unfortunately it is not as funny as the comedy of the Three Stooges and it does boggle my pea brain that some people believe Health Care reform is a bad thing. Costs are out of control and I am not talking about insurance premiums, I am talking about hospital costs.

I opened the bill from my trip to the ER and consequent one and a half day stay for observation, I almost swallowed my teeth. $20,600 is what it cost. Are you kidding me? Did I end up paying everyone’s salary on the eighth floor? Are they going to name a hospital wing after me? Holy shit….. What do people do that do not have insurance? They either don’t go or they go bankrupt when they get the bill. Being sick without health care coverage spells financial ruin.

Thank God we have insurance, and we will see just how good it is after they pay their portion. But really, the hospitals seem to be full all the time, it isn’t like people are boycotting their services. The madness must be stopped! I know it is not simple, or is it?

I am unclear as to when the uninsured will be covered. Progress has been made, but it seems to me there is a long way to go. And the idiots in Washington are still arguing about it. It is time to start being concerned about our fellow man for there but by the grace of God go we.

2 thoughts on “Doctor Howard, Doctor Fine, Doctor Howard

  1. We do agree on some things! 🙂

    I love your latest few posts. Your words are so real and you always make me smile, even when the subject is quite serious.

    Easter Blessings!
    Have a fantastic holiday with family and friends.


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