‘Tis A Gift

Once again, after attending Mass yesterday, I am prompted to write about what the choir sang. Their music adds so much to our liturgy every Sunday at 10:00. They sang a version of “Simple Gifts” based on a song by Elder Joseph Brackett, Jr..

Even though his version was written in 1848, it still rings true today. Perhaps even truer. It’s hard to imagine that everything was not simple back then; how often do we long for a simpler life? These days our lives are so complicated. Running around, working, taking the kids to soccer, committee meetings, homework, volunteering and the list goes on. I am not suggesting we go back to the days of life in the mid-19th century, but what I am suggesting is to maybe be a little less materialistic.

Yes, this from the woman who had to have a BMW or Lexus motor vehicle to haul her real estate clients around in. Or a different house every two or three years. (Strictly for investment purposes?!) We could afford the payments, so why not? Well I will tell you why not.

You are not saving for your retirement, not taking time for the important things. Spend, spend, spend. Perhaps things have changed now since the crash of 08. I know they have for us.
But anyway, I digress. Simplicity is a gift from God. “The gift”. An ability to be happy with what you have. Thankful for what you have and not constantly competing for more. Free.

These last five years out here in God’s country have given me time to think and to shed a lot of material possessions. Going back to Chicago, my load, as well as my heart, will be much lighter.

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