Waylon’s Excellent Adventure

Waylon came into our life about six years ago. It was January 2003 and my husband was preparing for a kidney transplant at University of Michigan on the 30th of the month. What better time to get a new puppy?

No really, we wanted to get a companion for our older dog Sophie and I had the idea that a Corgi would be nice to have. I had wanted to smaller dog that might spend some time on my lap and cuddle with me. So not long after the first of the year we went to look at some Corgi puppies that were advertised in the newspaper.

Now as most of you know, you don’t ever just go to look at a puppy, you usually come back with said puppy. When we walked into the puppy house, there was Momma, Aunt and Uncle corgi along with 8 rather rowdy puppies. We had already decided we wanted a red and white so our decision was cut in half. We picked a sweet little guy and took off on our new adventure.

On the way home we stopped at our local Meijer store to pick up puppy supplies. I stayed in the car with him and he was getting very restless and whining so I had a Waylon Jennings CD I put in the player and he settled down and went to sleep. When Sam got back to the car I announced the name of our puppy..the rest is history.

We went through the usual puppy training horror stories. Had to shovel a path through the snow for him to go potty, although later he would refuse to get his feet cold and wet and poop on the porch. He is the only dog I know where he needs to be bribed to do his bodily functions.

When he was about 6 months old we noticed that he loved balls, what dog doesn’t?, you say. But this was a little unusual. He would herd the ball around the yard and when you’d try to kick it he would get in front of it and block your kick. He was the shortest soccer goalie I had ever seen. He herded the ball around the yard, around the house, everywhere it could go and he did it to the point of exhaustion. Needless to say he is a source of joy and entertainment for a lot of people.

He and Sophie helped Sam during his recovery and a year and half later we loaded them all into the car (along with his ball) and headed across the country to our new home.

We have been through countless balls over the past 4 years, but that is a small price to pay for so much joy. Just ask Waylon.

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