Profiling, Schmofiling

Ever since the State of Arizona passed their Immigration Law SB-1070, there has been a lot of outrage. Yes there is a chance that the law would be abused by the police. But from what it appears something had to be done and the laws on the books were not being enforced by the Federal Government.

Did you know that Arizona is number 2, I repeat number 2, in the World, let me say again, in the World in kidnapping for ransom. It is ground zero for smuggling drugs into the U.S. Unless you live in the State you have no idea how out of control the situation is.

I understand that there are humanitarian concerns about the children of illegals being born in the U.S. that are Legal Citizens. But if we do not secure the border, chaos will continue to reign. Mexico is ferocious in protecting their border to the south from Central Americans and I dare say they shoot first and ask questions later (if you know what I mean.)

People are incensed that they have to carry their papers and or drivers license with them at all times. To me that is just common sense. Everywhere I have lived in the country makes it mandatory you carry your license if you’re driving and it is the “gold standard” aside from a passport for identification purposes.

If the ticket agent, where Mohammad Atta boarded one of the doomed airliners, had followed his gut instinct and not been afraid of profiling, well you know, 09/11 would just be my Grandson Max’s birthday.

Even if this law is appealed, and it probably will be, it has drawn attention to the immigration problem along our borders to the south. Perhaps the current administration will put its reform back on the front burner (where it was promised to be a priority if elected). Either way the gauntlet has been thrown down and Washington has an obligation to respond.

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