In The Sweet By and By

I had a visit from my Dad today. Now I know this sounds strange as he has been gone for almost three years. But he was with me, just as sure as I am sitting here typing this tonight.

We were at Mass this morning and sometimes if no one is sitting next to me, I make a space for Dad to sit, just in case he would like to. It was after the homily when the choir started the Offertory hymn, “In The Sweet By and By”. As I listened, suddenly Dad came to my mind and we were back home in our house on Orchard Street in Delton. It appeared he had just come home from church and he was clapping his hands and tapping his feet, as he often did when he was happy, to the rhythm of the song. It was his kind of song. He loved the old time hymns like “Peace Is Flowing Like a River”, and his absolute favorite was “Just a Closer Walk With Thee.”

I will never forget when the choir sang it and I was featured in the beginning. When we were finished, my Dad jumped to his feet and began applauding and the whole congregation followed suit. I was so happy that he approved.

Sometimes I feel so far away from my Dad, but today he was with me, and I will continue to attend Mass in hopes of spending another few minutes with him. I love you Dad.

One thought on “In The Sweet By and By

  1. I love the sensory connection you describe. I don’t think it is strange at all. Leaving a place for those who are absent is such a powerful reminder that they aren’t really absent at all but always with us, always a part of who we are. Thanks for sharing!


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